The University has selected CLC as its exclusive global trademark licensing agency effective July 1, 2019. Read more here.


The Office of Trademark and Licensing was established to protect and promote the marks, names, and logos of the University of Virginia. Through a partnership with CLC, we preserve and promote the University’s long-standing reputation of academic and athletic excellence. In order to keep the Virginia brand strong, please adhere to all guidelines for producing, printing and purchasing materials bearing the University’s name.

Look for the Label

Look for the label! The Genuine College Product label. Product that has been approved and licensed by the University of Virginia will bear one of these labels.

image of Genuine College Product labels

To ensure that you are purchasing product that is authentic UVA and supports the University's scholarship programs, look for this label before you buy. If the product does not bear this logo, you can assume that the product is not officially licensed by the University of Virginia.

Getting a License

The University of Virginia Licensing Office and CLC work in partnership with individuals, companies, and organizations to secure the proper UVA licensing agreement.

The University of Virginia Licensing Office administers limited use agreements for the use of UVA incidia for specific commercial purposes only.