Become a Licensee

The University of Virginia Licensing Office and Fermata Partners work in partnership with individuals, companies, and organizations to secure the proper UVA licensing agreement. The University of Virginia Licensing Office administers limited use agreements for the use of UVA indicia for specific purposes only.

All other agreements are administered by the Fermata Partners and fall into one of two categories: Retail or Internal (Non-Retail).


  • For production of merchandise bearing the University's indicia to be sold by an individual or company with established marketing and retail distribution.
  • Annual advance fee required
  • Royalties paid on final invoice price.
  • Artwork must be submitted via Fermata's CAMPUS system.
  • Retail apparel: annual advance fee is $1,000
  • Retail hard good: annual advance fee is $500
  • Application Fee: $500

Internal (Non-Retail)

  • License is for internal suppliers/internal consumption by University departments.
  • Exempt from reporting royalties
  • Advance fee waived
  • Must still complete the Art Approval/Royalty Waiver form
  • Artwork submitted directly to the licensing department
  • Internal Annual Fee: $100
  • Application Fee: $100

For more information about these agreements and to complete an application, please visit for more information. For specific UVA licensing questions please email or call at 434-982-5600.