Licensing Guidelines

Approval must be granted by the University's Licensing Office through Fermata Partner's CAMPUS system for any commercial good/item produced using University marks.


  • All products and artwork are subject to the approval of the University’s Licensing Office and must be appropriate to be associated with the University’s brand, image, and mission.
  • The University will NOT normally license the following products:
    Alcoholic beverages and statements promoting the use of the alcoholic beverages
    Bathroom articles (toilet seats, toilet paper, etc.)
    Sexually suggestive statements or articles
    Statements infringing other schools
    Political, sexist, racist, religious products and/or statements
    Items of poor quality in relation to the proposed sale price
    Products bearing the name or likeness of or otherwise promoting a current University student-athlete
    Any item not meeting minimum standards of quality and good taste or having abnormal product liability possibilities (athletic equipment, food stuff, products that due to content are unusually short-lived) as determined by the Licensing Director.
  • Remember to include the appropriate trademark designations (®, ©).
  • The areas behind and around University of Virginia indicia must remain unaltered.
  • Design elements may not be placed on top of or behind the Rotunda or V-Sabre marks.
  • The Rotunda marks and V-Sabre marks must have free space completely around the mark and the V-Sabre mark must be printed on a solid background.
  • Royalties

    Please contact the University Licensing Office if you have a question about the requirement to pay royalties. Royalties may be waived for groups internal to the University.

    Licensed Vendors

    All products bearing University indicia must be produced by vendors licensed through Fermata Partners' and the University's Licensing Office. Please contact the UVA Licensing office for more information and a list of licensed vendors.

    Please Ask

    Please do not use the University of Virginia's marks, logos, or any other trademarked images without permission. The University Licensing Office is here to help you organize and design your products within the framework of the established guidelines. Please contact us via by email ( or phone (434-982-5600) for assistance.