Student Groups / On-Grounds Departments

Local permission cannot be granted via email or phone. All design submissions must go through a UVA-licensed vendor who will then submit your design through our online system for approval or feedback.

Click here to view a list of local UVA licensees.

For On-Grounds ordering of t-shirts and other UVA-branded gear, please contact:

Jane Sulentic
Sales and Outreach Coordinator
University of Virginia Bookstore
Phone: (434) 982-2885

Official student groups should use primary mark No. 4 on the official UVA logo sheet. University Departments should follow the branding guidelines in place for their school or department.

CIOs understand and agree that they may not use any University marks, symbols, logos, mottoes or other indicia of the University. The University will permit use of its name as part of a CIO's name exclusively and only in the form of "The XYZ Club at the University of Virginia."

Student Group Logo Designs

Designs must be given approval from the UVA Communications Department. Please email for approvals. See their website ( for more information

For use on advertising, media publications, brochures or miscellaneous print material, please contact:

Christine Pajewski
Account Executive - University Office of Communications
Phone: 434-924-1400