Welcome to the UVA Athletics Compliance Office Website! This website is for quick reference of NCAA regulations for boosters, alumni, faculty, coaches, student-athletes and fans of UVA Athletics. In addition, please feel free to contact the Office of Compliance if you have any questions that this website does not completely answer.

University of Virginia Athletics Compliance Department Philosophy Statement:

The Compliance Office is designed to insure that the intercollegiate athletics program is operated within the rules and regulations of the University of Virginia, the Atlantic Coast Conference and the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Compliance with these rules and regulations is the responsibility of everyone associated with the University of Virginia. In order for institutional control to be maintained, the NCAA Committee on Infractions developed principles with the idea of assisting institutions to better understand what efforts and attitudes are needed in order to create an atmosphere of compliance and institutional control. It is imperative that policies and procedures are established and adhered to, so violations are deterred and not merely discovered after the fact.

The Compliance Office will interface with student-athletes, coaches, athletic staff members, university personnel, as well as alumni and friends of the University of Virginia. It is the goal of the Compliance Office to assist coaches and staff by developing and maintaining a compliance program that will educate, monitor and provide interpretations. Staff members are encouraged to consult with the compliance staff when a rule needs clarification.

Click here to read the Compliace Charter (updated 3/2023).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Compliance at 434-982-5018 or at athleticscompliance@virginia.edu.