Information for Coaches & Staff

How to Report a Violation

In accordance with NCAA rules and regulations, all suspected or alleged violations of NCAA rules shall be investigated. If it is determined that a violation has occurred, the Compliance Department will report the violation (or possible violation) to the NCAA national office and/or appropriate conference officials.

A. Reporting a Violation
Any individual (e.g., athletic department staff member, student-athlete, university employee, representative of the University's athletics interests, member of the community) may report an alleged, rumored, or suspected violation.
The individual may report the alleged, rumored, or suspected violation verbally or in writing. He/She may report an alleged violation anonymously.
B. To Whom an Alleged Violation Shall be Reported
If an alleged or rumored violation is communicated to any athletic department staff member, the staff member has an obligation to notify the Compliance Office of the violation in a timely manner.
Individuals other than athletic department staff members may also report an alleged violation to the Compliance Office.
C. Finding a Violation Occurred
The Compliance Office shall determine that a violation occurred whenever the preponderance of the evidence, considered as a whole, establishes the occurrence of the violation. It shall be the responsibility of the Compliance Office to assess the evidence to determine what weight and credibility will be given to it.
D. Alleged Violations Involving Other NCAA Institutions
If an individual has knowledge of an alleged violation that involves another NCAA member institution and impacts the University, he/she shall report the alleged violation(s) to the Associate Athletic Director for Compliance and/or the Director of Intercollegiate Athletics.
The Associate Athletic Director for Compliance will discuss the violation and desired plan of action to address the situation with the Director of Intercollegiate Athletics and the appropriate staff members who have lodged the accusation. The Compliance Office may then contact the compliance administrator or the athletics director at the accused member institution to request that the alleged violation be investigated. The Associate Athletic Director for Compliance may then contact the ACC Conference or the NCAA staff and request that the ACC Conference office or NCAA staff contact the accused institution or that institution's conference.